Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Cry of the Earth

A bird came and spoke to me
With words beyond hearing
Yet I sensed its mythic story,
As all beings are connected
However thin threads may wear.

As shadows lengthen
So where lies hope
Prayers for the children,
Not in this world just now
Perhaps in the wind
Blowing through trees
Across the skin of the ocean,
Are we any closer to awakening
Or still living in sour dreamtime?

I wish I had answers
To burnt out deformed desire,
To untangle this nest of hatred
With a soothing sweep of the hand,

Beneath the sky
A tumble of stone smeared across the hills glowing silver
Between the folds
A gathering of the westward driven rain pooled mysterious deep
Beneath the surface

A layering of history over geology the mysteries of human purpose.

Beyond the crest an eagle soars
In the peat stained water trout dart,
Stone sentinels guard the past
Waiting to hear the cry of the earth.

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