Thursday 30 November 2017

Notes On Writing

I live your life,
Colour them with words
Which become
Sentences that flow into paragraphs -
They shape the pages,
Dense woodlands of words made good.

I live your life,
Climb breathless your flanks
The steep track with its dragging gravity.
One word at a time,
One heartbeat following the next.

I live your life,
From some deep spring
Emerging to run quicksilver
Low winter sun.


I live your life,
Never knowing who leads whom.
So where does this path go?

I live your life,
The unsullied white sheet
On which dreamtime plays
Amid brilliance and shadows
Warp & Weft -
Breaking through the undergrowth
Great oaks reach for the sky
Marking the drover’s way.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

After The Last Visitor Has Gone

Long after the visitor has gone
The sound of the bell
Lingers amongst birdsong.

Stepping stones scattered
Across the mossy floor
Sunlight, brilliant green.

Beyond the autumn leaves
A tea house roof –
A gentle murmur of voices
Mingling with water’s flow.

Under a brilliant sky
Red, yellow and orange leaves
Barely disturbed by the breeze.

To the camellia flower
A visitor resting,
Lunch perhaps?

Reaching the mountain top
Swallowed by cloud –
No view reveals all.

Softened by rain
The earth breathes
In-breath follows out-breath –
Drip, drip, drip from a pine branch tip.

Thursday 2 November 2017

The Gardener's Apprentice now available in paperback

My novel 'The Gardener's Apprentice' is now available in paperback on Amazon. Personal signed copies should be available in a few weeks time direct from me. Please get a copy! The perfect Christmas present for family, friends and lovers.

Meanwhile I am working on a sequel which is just over halfway through. Time is limited as I have been busy with various garden projects. I am hoping to have the sequel available next summer.

If you read the book. please let me know what you think, and do write a review on Amazon page

Go well.