Friday 30 October 2015

Leaf Fall

Leaf fall
Heaven to earth
Drawing in to itself
Selfless circle.

At the edge of another journey
Experiences awaiting unfolding
I think of home,
The point of release.

These hands holding memory
And time passing.
One day to turn to soil.

Within the flow
Silence sings -
An empty bowl.

Our dance
A new beginning.
Oh sweet breath,
The leaves carpet the ground.

Monday 5 October 2015

Of Old Buddha And Other Tales

A map of old routes
Veins of desire across earth skin
Crossings and re crossing -
Shadow and light.

The long cry of the crow
Lingers in valley mist –

Autumn born in dew fall 

Next to old Buddha himself
A flagon of cider –
Resting quiet
Reading Ryōkan

My fingers tracing a blind path
Seeing through feel alone
Cleaving to new old ways
Each day landscape to be rediscovered -
Deep woodland depths

& the sun's high arc.

The old field barn
Tin roof rusted to red earth tints
Folds itself into autumnal hills -
Awed by the gape of time
Looking over the fields
We watched the heavens turn
As the sun swallowed the moon.