Sunday, 28 July 2013

Voices Underwater

I wanted to fold into you
Press beyond dream and need,
Know nothing of one, nor the other –
Just find the words to a song
I knew before I was born.

The air is thick
We breathe as if under water,
Voices hushed
And trees bending as river weed -
Words born before language arrived.

Four notes
Played in their own time and space
Flowers born into the light,
Timid, hesitant, undemanding –
Beauty needing to be known.

At some point in the night
I reached across to touch your skin
Just knowing your presence alive,
Sufficient for the dream to cascade
Into cadences of light shading into light.

Dancing lightly in winter’s eye
Scarce time to learn of regret
It will end, transform itself into spring –
Finding another path to the beginning.

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