Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An Advertisement for Garden Tours

It is not the primary purpose for this blog to carry advertising for dubious pleasures, but there is one pleasure I feel I should share. There is nothing like seeing gardens 'in the flesh', so to speak; to visit the gardens, eat the food of the culture and be able to appreciate the garden culture in its present day context.

To this end I have been involved for some years now with taking tours to Kyoto, where we wander about spending time being absorbed in the pursuit of Beauty. Its indulgent, but it is very inspiring. There is no need to be a gardener, nor even any need to have particular ambitions to create gardens. Japan is a very modern, highly cultured and a downright fascinating place to be. If you love culture, I can show you some amazing places and things. We are based in Kyoto , and are now revised the schedule to allow for 4 nights stay in Okayama, from where even more wonderful places are visitable.

Through the good offices of Espirita, the following dates are the next tours:

November 05 - November 17, 2013 ( 12 nts - Kyoto 8 nts / Okayama 4 nts )

April 01 - April 13, 2014 ( 12 nts - Kyoto 8 nts / Okayama 4 nts )

Feel free to look at the Espirita website:  www.espirita.org.uk for more information regarding the tours, costs, and other information. 
Direct enquires and bookings to Espirita, further contact info on the website.

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