Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Dance Of Light And Shade

Oh, cover the ground in soft leaves
Let branches tent over our heads
With only stars’ ancient light to reveal
The passage of music running through the earth.

Never fear the swathe of silence
Its meaning rarely what we believe,
So circled by memory’s web
We rise and fall
Between this world and the other.

Just seeking Beauty’s call -
From the beat of swan flight overhead
To a mouse parting blades of grass,
Never quite silent, never quite still.

Beneath clouds I yearn to fly
Beneath water I yearn to walk,
Between shadows I fear to tread
Between reeds I fear to swim,
Spiralling from a single point
Everything and nothing in motion turns.

In the dance of light and shade
Branches on the woodland floor
Being absorbed back into the earth,
Did the fungi hear them fall?

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