Sunday, 13 October 2013

Music Of Light And Shade

In grace and tenuous Beauty
each moment a challenge of re-discovery -
Keeping faith in vision turning
about the still heart's bright beat.

 They come,
rolling on as if a late train 
a chain of heels tapping to city beat
the flutter of pigeon wings
in voices calling soft or loud -
poems falling as if dried leaves.

The Dreamcatcher called by:
 I supposed that is what 'it' was,
there is no way of knowing
He called again 
but I slept on.
Just a feather on the path
oblivious to the wind in the trees.

 Just frozen moments
something that barely existed
before it becomes something other.
In light and in shade,
the music of it all.

as new formed buds
through landscapes
of imagination; 
In thick woodland
the sound of river lost to sight,
its voice the valley itself
carving into mountain's ridge.

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