Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Coming Soon!

Coming very soon:

Guo Xi (1020-1090) - Early Spring

New essay on the influence of Chinese landscape paintings on the Japanese garden tradition. An essay to be posted in five parts.

"If we wish to better understand Japanese gardens we can profit by taking a close look at Chinese paintings. The gardens are in some ways like 3-D visualizations of the paintings. Historically, Chinese paintings were collected in very large numbers by the cultural elite in Japan, they were studied by artists, aesthetes, cultural opinion formers, as well as garden creators. The compositional techniques of painting (such as the use of asymmetry, ‘empty space’, and perspective effects) came to be used in garden creation. Many of these concepts became embedded in the garden tradition, and can be clearly seen in historically important gardens such as Daisen-in and Ryõan-ji , but also appear in more contemporary gardens too."

Norwich Cathedral

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