Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pathways Of Memory

Drifting into open spaces
Dense as a dandelion spore
Borne by breeze, shaped by light -
Becoming and unbecoming
As day follows night follows day.

Searching out words
From their hidden places
Bringing them into the air –
As sea soft lapping the shore.

Drawing upon memory
The path follows the valley,
Its rise and fall
Pressing and releasing
Flesh, blood, sinew and bone,
Until the final release
Becoming an open view.

A chain of ants
Making their own way
Between moss hills –
Each in a world of our re-creation.

The song of the rock
Pulses in harmony with the quivering grasses,
The glassy glide of the river
Binding and releasing all known knowledge,
These intricate webs of senses unfold
Beyond the knowing of desire and mind.

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