Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Elemental Songs

Water Song:

It seems the flood
the over-flowingness
Is not to be contained,
Fixed and predictable by boundary.
“I am she.”
The river running.
And so she is.

Wood Song:

It has the song of water
The song of water flowing .

Next door’s Poplar tree.

Earth Song:

Stepping closer to the edge
So the heart runs faster,
Solace and empty hands.

The gradient arcs outward
Tight stretching the muscles,
Transforming in the unfolding.

Fire Song:

Stone Being giving birth to the new
Twist from one to other
Separate to expectation,
Then burn the barns
Trash the crops
Make your new home, home.

Air song:

Wherein the tenderness,
The grace of person
When no divide exists?

Slow standing, still breathing
Counting the pinpricks of light-
Winter’s unwinding tokens fall.

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