Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Even Eden Ebbs And Flows

All the while
Even Eden ebbs and flows 
We had better see now
this moment, 
light or dark
is only surface.

Black fly
On white porcelain,
It found the end of days.

A king now resting in state.

Just the hard pounding river
Impatience fuelled by last night’s rain
Peat stained tan water dunning,
Hearing drowned awash in noise
One hundred thousand strands

Making one river flow.

I wanted to write more;
The sun shifted
Distance intervened.
Nothing changed

Nothing altered.

Always the dream
The raging desire
To shape the world to my eyes,
Weave of the ebb and flow
Fresh forms still en-dewed -
At last seeing with no eyes at all.

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