Tuesday, 12 August 2014

After The Rain

So, when nothing happened
Taste dissolved into ash that fell as snow
Images bled into riverine waves
Scent crossed a desert without the spike of fear
Words fell between today and tomorrow
Fingers reached for cloth woven of dust,
And no where became every where.

Vine silent and tendril bound
Quartered light turning inward,
Soft the anticipation
As rain falls on parched fields.

So many before you
So many yet to come

The river flows, just flows.

Vibrating, pulsing waves
Generated from the Centre
Spread to the ends of the body
Then out into the trees
And so beyond even the woods
To the sky dome of infinity.

Someone wanted to be heard
To force a crack in the Cosmic egg
Allow light into the darkness of beginning
Play a tune composed entirely of mycelium threads
Even when adrift on an ocean of hard dreams
Breathed into wind from the source of East

Even as spoken words fell as rain on thirsty ground.

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