Thursday, 26 September 2013

In Mystery Do We Dwell

Living within walls
With a roof over my head –
The carousel lurches around
As dreams lie still as stepping stones.

Deep within the earth
Guided only by instinct and touch
Below sight, where light never visits
Finding an opening to yet another world:
“Wait,” she says, “not yet, not now.”

Something has bitten off half the moon,
It was all there the other night
Looming bright patience in the sky-
I looked again tonight,
But could not see beyond
Cloud curtains firmly shut-
In mystery doubt flourishes,
Perchance we are lost for now
‘Til night’s light returns to illume the path.

Along the towpath
Held out as if jewels
Blackberries dense in summer sun-
I picked some for you
But could only carry them in my mouth.

Ahh, by Beauty’s grace
Things come and things pass –
In the unfolding is the joy alive.

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