Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cool Breezes

Where the shifts to break the glass?
The heart bound yet diamond still
Caught amidst a web of dreamed desire –
Shuffling steps to find the wisdom.

Time carries no gift of redemption
Nor a path to reset the compass -
Learning the hard way
Nothing may be undone-
Cool breezes herald autumn's cusp.

The sanctuary of the other shore
Beckons in the fading light of day.
Rolling amidst the thunder
The scrape of the lighthouse keeper’s boots,
Steel on rock, the seabird’s white cry.

It must be so,
There is no other way.
These my pleadings of ignorance
Of petals scattered amongst tall grasses.

The mind looking in at the mind
And heart searching for its equivalence,
All in reply to an unbroken need to create
And to fashion a re-membering of the world-
Drawing past and futures toward the light.

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