Friday, 28 June 2013

Songs Caught In The Net

above the ripening grass seeds
hinted pinks, flushed purples and silvered tones -
cycle coming to full song.

Over the brick wall
white-throated calla lilies 
calling Beauty in silence -
the air turbulent with passing traffic.

Hedgerow galleons
now full term pregnant in leaf -
the Oak, the Ash
the Lime and the Sycamore -
bursting in ripeness.
light processing, space holding
our guardian spirits.

Beneath the earth
as a part of bedrock itself,
then came consciousness
with the voice of my daughter
calling out my name,
tearing at the rubble to release me
so coming to in dream light.

Back at the edge of things
the unfamiliar
where comforts are the one's we create,
back at the edge of things
seeking to uncover new paths
of landscape within landscape

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