Thursday, 9 August 2018

Tearing At The Fabric Of The Sky

Flame touched & sun burnished
Summer’s promise fulfilled as
Earth’s marrow of moisture sucked–
Even the gentlest of rain
Just the merest dampening caress  
Draws up a yearning ripe scent.

Two wilden springs
Running deep through the valley’s flank
Molecule by molecule –
Ah, water a‘top the hill too!

Leaning against the window
A shed antler,
Three branches reaching heavenwards -
This green cleft in the rain.

This arc thus revealed
Step after tentative step
Binding the directions into a whole,
Slipping aside the curtain
To catch a glimpse
Of the valley as the world in itself.

Yearning to be seen,
Through being known.
A long plaintive schreeck
Tears the sky
As a buzzard spirals beneath the clouds