Friday, 6 May 2016

Bridges - book project

I was very pleased to be a part of the Bridges project, a book conceived and produced by Suzanne Perrin and Jeremy Hoare. It is out in print now.

Here is a taster link to a promotional clip on You Tube:

And on Vimeo:

The Bridges book project was conceived by Jeremy Hoare after attending a book launch at Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London in May 2011, two months after the devastating Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in March of that year. Thinking about the close relationship between Japan and the UK that was there at Daiwa the evening of the book launch, Jeremy got together with Japan specialist and historian Suzanne Perrin to create the Bridges book as a series of interviews, to utilise the wealth of knowledge that people had about Japan in Britain.

The aim of Bridges is to celebrate the work of a diverse range of people who have made a significant contribution to the understanding of Japan in the UK, and who continue to provide insights into cross-cultural relations that are so important in today’s globalised world.

The contributors are all UK-based professionals and work in a wide range of areas including academic, diplomatic, creative media, business and humanitarian work. Their wealth of experience provides a deep insight into the development of Anglo-Japanese relations from the beginning of the Post War period to the present day. ​

For copies contact:

Suzanne Perrin
Japan Interlink London
t/f:  +44 20 8579 9404

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