Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sometimes You Wait In Vain

Enfolded within hills
Trees skeletons stripped bare,
The river runs on
Ghost music in flow,
Always onward, always onward.

Immersed in water soaked air
Yet proud in immobility
Sentinels march in silent step
Hailing the gathering inward
Deep to earth-breath stilled.

Firewood gathered in
Stacked under cover –
Deep night & lost for sleep
Listening to the rodent’s rasp
Of the shelter that holds me here.

The turn of the wheel
One click at a time
Between, an infinity of air –
Motion within such stillness.

This morning the pheasant
Came to visit.

The cats spent the afternoon
Stretched out by the fire.

By nightfall rivulets of rain
Had gathered into river threads.

As I waited in vain

For a poem to arrive.

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