Thursday, 3 September 2015

To the Memory Of

Dear Teacher
You are now flying free
The seeds you have sown
Are taking root in rich soil
As the wind blows through the trees.

for Deborah 'Taj' Anapol
(Teacher of Pelvic Heart Integration)

 If you wanted choice
Then there can only be disappointment
If you wanted control
Only despair,
Why then search for spring in autumn?
Even poems carved in stone
Cannot resist the fall of rain. 

Pinpricking puddles
Into a maze of circles,
Quivering the leaves of the beech
No thing lasts in time alone.

One last thing,
Before time and tide wash the ground
Before the sun sweeps the sky’s expanse–
All that the eye sees is heart born.
Oceanic knowledge,
In flow within the unflown.

Deep in a time of darkness
I reach across folds of warmth
My fingers encounter your skin
Gilded by a sheen of sweat,
Your stilled presence
Awash with dreams at high tide.
As my ship grounds itself
In the shingle and soft mud of being
I know I have arrived.

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