Monday, 28 April 2014

On Becoming A Grandfather At 0620 GMT 280414

You arrived
Crossing from the world of water
To this world of air.
What joy is born.


Pink streaked
Across the night sky
The call of a goose -
Above the hum of traffic.

Here the proof of continuation,
Born of blood and water
Bound in muscle, bone and memory;
What dreams have you brought
In your unfolding fingers?

You chose your moment
You came in your own time-
Dream time imprinted
The beating heart pulsing in song-
Another unmapped path to trace
In the arc of a morning star.

A diver breaking through
the thin film of the watery world
pushing into light and air.
What greater journey can exist,
At the very edge of now?

A tiny sliver of joy and hope
Dropping like a pebble in the pool -

Yet more love for the world.

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