Friday, 2 August 2013

This Sea Of Trees

This bowl of roots

Our ship which carries the burden
Of our longing for union -
Weightless on the sea of expectation
Knowing all without discrimination
Accepting without judgement –
This bowl of roots
Our shared community of soul time together
Floating free to be as it is
Yet anchored also to love’s grace unfolding.
Carry us, carry me, carry you
In the sharing of our prayer for liberation
To walk the earth freed of the veil of unknowing.

Knowing the flow 
the shifts
Of wind and trees
Liberated now by birdsong
Becoming as we are 
in ourselves.

Bird song sketches
Wind through the pines –
The poet’s delight.

This way and that
The river flows
Running by its own internal logic,
Rain in the mountains
Gathering in the seas.

Raindrops gather along naked stems
Each a pinprick of light
Holding the world within.
Wood sprites dancing
Among the purple-brown leaves.

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